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We have multiple business units forecasting at product levels. Product heirarchy is pretty standard however forecasting is performed at different level for eg 


business unit 1 

product level 1 -> product level 2 -> product level 3 = forecasting is performed here . Actuals will be loaded at  product 3 level 


Business unit 2

product level 2 -> product level 3 -> product level 3 -> product level 4 = forecasting is performed here . actuals will be loaded at product level 4 level . 


My question is how do manage above scenario without having mutiple duplicate heirarchy 

also how do i manage this on dash boards i.e 

for business unit 1 dashboard drill down goes till level 3 

for business unit 2 dashboard drill down goes till level 4 





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  • DavidSmith
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    Hi Karank

    I would set up a composite hierarchy (always better than ragged if possible), Where L4's parent is L3, L3's paretn is L2 etc.


    The simplest option would be to have a set of modules for the Business Units that need L4, using the L4 hierarchy and a set of modules using the L3 hierarchy

    You can use a subsets of Business Units to ensure you only have relevant BUs for calcs

    The data for the L4 products can then be easily combined with the L3 data from the others

    You would have to have a separate dashboard though, but this could be controlled through roles and contents, or by using the select dashboard based on a list option

    I hope this helps