Support ticket system (list/dashboard)


I am not sure if its doable, but will give max kudos who could help. I am planning to build ticket system where sales rep could input details on his own dashboard and anaplan admin could see on his own panel those questions and respond to them with brief solution/explanation and changing case status (not reviewed, in progress, closed). I want to be able to link this case questions to specific reps so that it can be easily identified on admin dashboard whom this questions came from. 

I created numbered list and published it to both rep and admin dashboards. At least now admin can see what rep typed in. 

Questions remaining open:

1. How to make input fields lockable so that rep won't change his case once its status changes to Closed? I am leaning towards Workflow feature. But not sure if I need to use also modules.

2. How to link each case to specific employee (by id or name)? Maybe its doable via creating module?

3. If possible, want to send email automatic email to rep once case status changes to Closed?



  • Hey nodirn! 


    I had a similar system at the previous company I was with.  It wasn't a perfect system, but it was useful and displayed some of the ad-hoc/non-standard things we could build with anaplan.


    Using two modules, and leveraging user controls (Roles > Modules), our design was:

    - Users create an item in a numbered list,

    - Users enter details into line items of module A (that was dimensionalized by that list) that they had Write access to, and

    - Users could view the status of their ticket in Module B (that referenced values entered in Module A...and had additional line items for Dev comments), which they only had Read access to. Module B was also dimensionalized by the numbered list. 


    Development/COE/support team had Write access to module B, so they could update the ticket status, comments, etc. 

    *as far as dashboards, Module A was published to a dashboard "Submit a Ticket" and Module B was published to "Review Ticket Status"


    It wasn't perfect, could technically be gamed by clever users to change their entries if they wanted - but we didn't have risk exposure, so we weren't worried about it.


    Answering your questions specifically:

    1. The above took care of it for the most part. We didn't run operation risk if they managed to change the details of their ticket, so maybe above solution won't help your specific use case.

    2. We were unable to do this - no native functionality that I am familiar with exists. We just had a line item for them to enter name/ID#.

    3. May be able to manage a portion of this with a Process and MAILTO(), but we didn't look into it. 


    Hope that helps!

  • Great stuff!

    Just to add on here, one way to get around users modifying their tickets once they are created, you can use 2 numbered lists for tickets. One to create new tickets, and one for "submitted" tickets. Users enter data into the New Tickets list, with the correlating read/write module. Then they click a "Submit Ticket" button which would be an import into the "Submitted Tickets" list. Users would have read-only access to a module displaying their ticket and the status, but wouldn't be able to update data. Then your support team could modify the status from a module referencing the Submitted Tickets list.

    Hope that makes sense for that one specific issue here!

  • Hi nodirn



    Please see attached file that and mockup screen. Actual dashboard appearance may be different for end users after applying changes described in the file. Screen below shows admin view.  I hope it'll help a bit. This should cover first two questions you have.Dashboard Mockup.PNG


    Solution have some weak spots for example when user have dashboard open and admin change its status to closed. It will appear as closed but will be editable in upper grid for end user until dashboard is refreshed.


    Right now there is no way to send automatic notifications to users as stated above you can speedup the process usig MAILTO function.