Data Export to a customized name instead of default module name


When we export data from Anaplan, sometimes we want to keep a customized name instead of the default module name.

If we save an action with our preferred name, although the Export Name is changed, when we click "run" actions, it will still be exported by the default module name.


To solve this problem, we can create a process (under "Processes").

We customize the file name in "Exports" actions.

But when we run the actions, instead of clicking on "Exports" actions, we click on "Processes" actions, we run direcly the "Processes".


Then we can get the right file name we want.

Below is the demo. 


Anaplan - 01.JPGAnaplan - 02.JPGAnaplan - 04.JPGAnaplan - 05.JPGAnaplan - Export.JPG


  • @yqian 

    Can the export definition be updated after saved? specifically, would like to change the filename in the export definition but I do not see that as an option when selecting 'edit' on the export action.

  • Hi,

    Export Definition file name can be Updated by renaming the export actions and publishing it to the app or to the classic dash board (by process.)
    Note: after renaming the export actions if you run that in the actions tab, you might get the default module name, request you to Create a process or publish in an app to get an updated file name.