301 Anaplan Connect Files MIssing?


I am  editing the sample batch file and have added the workspace and model information.  Now I am supposed to add the source file location - see first screen shot in the attachment.  The video shows a bunch of files which I do not have - see the the video folder list vs my folder list from downloading the files as instructed.  As you can see, I have far fewer files, in particular the 'prospects' file which I am supposed to use as the source. I went back to the download and re-downloaded, but still do not see it.


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    The reason you are getting a circular reference is because you as asking a line item to reference itself.  You have the wrong line item selected.  This should be for the Allocation Line item and have it reference the Allocation Child.  Right now you have the Allocation Child referencing itself and therefore creating a circular reference.