How can I count the cells of lists?


I can count the cells of modules using "Modules" in model settings menu.


However, I don't know how to count the cells of lists that is calculated from the product of the item counts and the property counts.

Because each cell is 10bytes of data, I think it is possible to assume the model size by the product of 10bytes and the total cell counts of modules and lists.


Could you tell me how to get the total cell counts?


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  • laurence
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    Hi there,


    Are you trying to get the total number of cells for the whole model? Or is there another reason you are trying to count the number of cells of lists?


    If you want the total number of cells for the whole model then if you check the settings tab you should see the cell count. You can also double click this to get the model size.


     Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 15.13.41.png





    If you just want the number of cells in a particular list then you need to multiply the number of leaf items in the list by the number of properties in the list. 


    Hope this helps.





  • hi, if you're just after the number of cells in a single list, you can look in the Configure Tab of that list, and it includes it in the top line there.