Updating numbered lists by linking to another numbered list


Hi everyone,


We are updating our current numbered lists by linking to another numbered list in a separate model - it is set to import through code only. Our issue occurs when our source numbered lists deletes a list item, it does not update our current lists by deleting that same list item. 


Hope this is clear.

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  • yqian

    Yes, I have the same question on numbered list data import from 1 model to another.

    Does anyone have the solution?

  • Hi Both

    This is because we don't have the clear option in list updates.

    This is how to keep both list in sync


    1. Create a copy of the target list and create in import into this list from the source list

    2. Create a module dimensioned by the original target list

    3. Create 2 line items: Find? and Delete?

    4. Find?=finditem(code(item(targetlist)),copy target list) , Delete?=isblank('find?')

    5. Create a "delete from list using selection" action using the Delete? property from 4 for the target list


    The new import process will then be as follows:

    1. Import to the target list (as per current process)

    2. Clear the copy target list

    3. Import to the copy target list

    4. Run the "delete from list" action


    That should then delete the "deleted" source items


    I hope this helps



  • Apologies, the formual for 4. should have been:

    finditem(copy target list,code(item(targetlist))) 


  • Hi Sotha,

    One possible solution would be to set up a clear-action in the current model. The clear action is based on a Boolean formatted line item and with each export you update the line item with FALSE for the valid items in the list in your source model. After the import you run the delete action and the another action to set all items in the list to TRUE. Next update from the source will change all valid items to FALSE, but the deleted items will stay TRUE and be deleted in the following deletion action.

    Important to do these actions in the right order.

    Was the explaination clear and do you think it would work for you?