How are Categories Defined?


I can't seem to find any documentation on where the standard Category values for Module Functional Area and List are defined.  Is it possible to modify the options here? Does Tenant Administration have to be activated in order to modify these values?










  • Others may know different, but in my five years using Anaplan I've never touched the categories and suspect they dont do anything.  Maybe it is a leftover/redundant concept from days of old.


    But, your post does prompt me to raise something to the community which might be worth development thinking about.  Many models I see now involve 20+ functional areas...I really think that a higher level grouping of functional areas is needed for managing model content (i.e. being able to group and expand/collapse the left hand slide bar content).  


  • Good point Adam !


    I have had that same thought many times, just having one extra level would already be very useful.




  • Agree with Adam and Joris. The Category seems to be a legacy placeholder for something which ends up not being used at all.

  • Yes, the model building courses display Categories to assign for module develoment activities. Would like to know how to do this. No instruction is given. It's just confusing.

  • @ChrisWeiss 


    Hitting the nail on its head


    To me it’s functional area of a functional area. Completely redundant. Not in my entire Anaplan career have I used this.

    Also it doesn’t add value even if we use these categories. It would be great if Tenant admins be able to add these categories and Anaplan allows us to filter modules based on these categories. As of now they don’t do anything.