Import data in modules with different versions



I am trying to import data in a module.

It works perfectly, except that it automatically copies over the same data in the different versions, even if I specify in the import pannel the it only applies to one version.

Did someone already experience this? Do you have a solution?

Thank you!


  • Hi,


    As versions are set during the model creation we can't do changes later . We can set version only when we import the data.




  • Create a saved view in your source module that is filtered to only have the version you want to import information over.  Import into the target module with that saved view as the source.

  • Generally, if the "Fixed Version" option is selected in the Import Mapping screen, then Anaplan will import data only to the selected Version. Data will not be imported to other versions. May be you can delete data across all the versions in that module and try to do a new import and check whether other versions are affected.