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Hi All,


I have been assigned the responsibility of evaluating an Anaplan Model created by my peers. I need to submit  a formal documentation with recommendation on areas of improvement. Do Anaplan have a standard template for such evaluation. If available could you please share or let me know the path.

Any other model evaluation template is also most welcomed.





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  • DavidSmith
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    Hi Gaurav

    I've done a lot of model reviews and I tend to use the folllowing template



    Executive Summary

    • Issues
    • Recommendations
    • Work plan / SOW

    Model Structure Review

    • Findings
    • Issues
    • Formulaes
    • Naming convention


    • Short Term
    • Medium Term
    • Long Term


    • Formula issues
    • Technical Reports
    • Model Blueprints

    Obviously the content depends on exactly what the objectives of the review are:

    Model Size?, Performance?, Usability?, Best Practice?, etc.


    In general I tend to focus on the following areas:

    Large modules and line items cell count

    Duplicated or Redundant line items (No 'referenced by' or not used on dashboards)

    Inappropriate Dimensionality (i.e. attributes with full dimensionality instead of referencing an attribute module)

    Long formulae with many nested functions

    Large lists with multiple properties (especially text properties).  These are better to be in modules if possible

    Large lists as page selectors


    I hope this helps