Using Model Restore with Other Platform Users


If I go to the history and restore, will it just restore my changes, or will it wipe out the work that other users have done all day?


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  • michael_gould
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    One further suggestion that could help: Restore to the point just before you made the change you want to revert; save a copy of the model; then restore again, back to the point just before you did the first restore, to reinstate the changes by other users. This gives you a copy of the model that you can look at to assist with manually reversing your changes.


  • You'll see that the changes are all recorded in sequence with what was changed and WHO made the change. So, if someone else has made some changes after the restore point you are looking to restore to, then their changes will also be reversed. Model restore is therefore not by user, but by complete model.  But, if you look at what you have done, you may be able to hand 'reverse-engineer' your individual changes.