Import List Hierarchies


Hello Everyone,


I am attempting to load a list hierarchy through an import file (example below).Capture.JPG

   I have close to 800 locations so as you can imagine manually structuring the hierarchy isnt an option :).  I have tried setting up the headers and in the Grid View and assiging parents of each column header, but the location names dont automatically go into a hierarchical list.  


Does anyone know how I can get the list hierarchy to show up automatically when I import the entire file so it looks like below...


-Global Location

---Europe Location

-----United Kingdom Location

--------England Location

-----------London Location



  • Hi,


    You can create the seperate lists of Global Location,Europe Location,UK Location, England Location,London Location.Then you can create hierarchies in that list and can import files.




  • Hi Krutland,


    Is it possible to arrange the list into 3 columns info: Name, Code and Parents?

    Anaplan will automatically build the hierarchy accordingly without you have to break it into multiple column by Level. This is if you are trying to make the hierarchy as Flat hierarchy.


    If you want to make it into Composite hierarchy, all you need to do is run the import (name, code, parent) per level with other level as Parent. You can use the link below as reference

    • Employees L5, is assigned a parent, Sub-Depts L4.
    • Sub-Depts L4 is a child of Departments L3.
    • Departments L3 is a child of Region L2.
    • Region L2 is a child of Geo L1.


    Hope it helps.