How to enter multi lines text and display in UI


May i know how to enter multi lines text and display in UI?
I tried with line item with text format, able to input line break by ctrl+alt+enter in edit mode. But in UI, still shows as 1 line. Is it possible to show as multilines as well?


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  • ?.Szyma_ski

    Hi weilun.

    I assume you're refering to one of the line items in your module. If you wish to display text formatted line item with text that contains line breaks you can try steps below.
    1. Select line item with Text format.

    2. On menu ribbon pick View -> Publish Selected Line Items to Dashboard and select dashboard you wish to publish this item or create new one.

    You should get box similar to Item 1 as per screen below. Note that your dashboard should refer all module dimmensions included in source module (in my case those are Time & Versions). If your issue concerns textboxes that can be added from dashboard level there should be no problem inputting muliple line with Ctrl+Alt+Enter combo.Multiline.PNG

     I hope that helps.





  • Is it the only way to show multi lines?
    Is it possible to show in table view instead of dashboard?

  • Yes at the moment this is the only way.

  • Hello,


    Thanks for this helpful solution. I was wondering if we now have an improved way of doing this? In particular whether we can just publish a module, which allows for more than one columns