Default value for page selectors




Could anyone please confirm, if there is any way to set default values to page selectors?


My requirement is to get the top level hierarchy as the default value when a dashboard opens.


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  • I'd like to second this question.  I can default my modules on the dashboard to any level but I can't seem to find a way to default the selectors.  Looking forward to the responses to ths.

  • Hi Devika,


    This is not possible yet, however we are working on new functionality that enables you to save a personal 'view' of a dashboard. This functionality should also enable you to save the selections you made, including page selectors so that you don't need to re-select every time you open a dashboard.



  • Agree with Joris.

    Meanwhile, I would advise to use Module pages as selection rather than Page Selectors since you could set a default on this in the dashboard settings.





  • TimG
    If your page selector comes from a list, put the default item in the top of your list then it will default to your choice. This is model wide and not user specific.