Can't Complete Course 303 (and quiz error)


I passed the quiz on course 303, but the button to go to the next slide was unresponsive. I quit the course hoping that, as the quiz was completed, a tick would appear next to it.. but no luck!

When I went back in (selecting to resume at the slide I finished on) it brought me to a page saying that I only achieved 10% and had to retake quiz. I did so, again achieving pass marks, managed to get to the next page but no further.. Quit again, no tick in box again, went in again, "your score: 10%".. Tried a THIRD time with 100% in the quiz and same thing happened again!


Please help! 🙂 (screenshots attached)


  • Hi Cianna,


    I went and updated your score.  Can you let me know what browser you were using?  I wasn't able to recreate the error. 




  • @ChrisMullen I was using Chrome, and thank you! 🙂

  • Hi Chris,


    I've experienced the same thing on the Data Integration Basics (303) quiz. I've passed it but it won't set the checkmark. Originally, I tooke the course and quiz with a Chrome browser and have since opened it up with IE11 but the problem persists.


    Could someone in support please clean that up for me?




  • @nnicolacakis and @cianna.bramley  Thank you for your help!  I was able to do some troubleshooting and we have fixed the issue.