Dashboard Toolbar


Is there a way to create a Customized Tool bar on Dashboard for users, consists of all dashboard options like copy across, undo, etc.



  • @saibandaru all the tools available on the dashboard is accessible via the blue triangle on the grid. 

    For example: Copy Across is available via Edit - Copy Across, etc.


    There is no Undo in Anaplan. If the user wants to know what was the previous value in the input cell, they can do right-click and View History to check the previous input. They can either re-input the value or Copy (Ctrl C) and Paste (Ctrl V) the value into the cell again.


    Hope it is helpful.




  • I knew that option but i was looking for any other solution so that user can view as a toolbar on the dashboard instead of doing a right click. 


    This would be like an user enhancement and easy access. 



    Thanks though