Synchronising 2 separate grids on dashboard



I have 2 module views published on dashboard 


module 1 has a list heirarchy(projects) which is like  state -> branch -> project applied to it and time 

module 2 - has a numbered list(#projectXcost) which is flattened intersection of project and cost and time . #Project X cost list also has a list property which links to projects list   . 


on dashboard i have project heirarchy (from module 1 )as page selector and 2 grids(grid 1 from module 1 and grid 2 from module 2 )  from above modules 

what i need to acheive is when i select project as page selector module 2 grid only shows me rows where it matches the seleted project .


is this possible ? also is there a better way to do this ? 







  • Hi Karnak


    I would suggest

    a) Have a list which has all the list names that are to be names of numbered list,

    b) Then use the names in display property of numbered list

    c) Build a module which would pull data from the Module 2 where number list is being used and use the sum function call it Module 3 (Make sure you use the list created in step one as list in this module with all other lists)

    d) Call Module 3 to dashboard and synchronize should be easier I guess


    Have not tried this on my own just an idea


  • Hi,

    One easy way to achieve this make project as a parent to #projectXcost list and while mapping the parent items choose the project item that is present in the combination (project and cost and time), this will enable the synchronization.


    Please ensure this is not causing issue to the existing module and lists if any.

  • Hey @karank


    Check out the "Current User Filter" functionality that is scheduled for release this weekend. Could be helpful for you.




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