To hide the Parent list members from the List-Formatted cell


Hi Anaplan    From the drop-down list of the list-formatted cell, the users is able to see and select the parent item. Although it is an invalid selection when the user select the parent item, is it possible that we can have the option to hide or remove the parent item from the list-formatted cell?  image



  • Hi Rooney


    When you are using different level of dimensions and if you have linked those list items with other items as parent list:


    SS1 is parent of SSY then the summary values would move in.


    If SSY is parent of SS1 then you need to use a lookup function and clal the parent of SSY member which is SS1 and derive the value.


    If the time is not used in the destination module then you should create a dummy module and call the year there and have a lookup to that module and pull in the numbers