Excel Add-In

I was trying to use the Excel add-in. I installed it and set up the friendly URL for our SSO. When I click to log-in, it appears to go through the process and the brings up a screen with a list of our models. However, if I try to select one of them I get an error message that "Sorry - Your Browser is not supported by Anaplan" (included in the attachd screenshot) and none of the toolbar options in the "data" section ever become available for me to click. Have I done something wrong with the setup?


  • @bdeaton Have you tried to submit ticket to support@anaplan.com ? 

  • Just to close the loop on this in case anyone else finds this post with a similar issue in the future. I put in a ticket with support and we determined that the issue relates to some additional cofiguration that has to be done on the Anplan side with the SSO connection. As a temporary fix, I was able to use the add-in if I turn off SSO for myself and log-in via the front door.