Looking for where to Mark TAW course a complete for my attendees


Hello All 

Been searching for the link to mark The Anaplan Way course that I delivered as complete and then issue TAW Badges to each of my attendees .....Any pointers ?? 

Thank you 







  • Ask and you shall recieve:

    1. Navigate to The Anaplan Way 2017 course and be sure that the students have already been enrolled in the class - enrolling students follows the same process as it does with Launchpad courses.
    2. On the 'Administration' sidebar select 'Grades.'
    3. You'll see links to each letter of the alphabet under both 'First Name' and 'Last Name.' Click the links for the first letter of the learner's first name the first letter of the learner's last name.
    4. Find the learner's name and double-click in the "Evaluation" box next to their name. Type in 100 and click out of the box.
    5. Repeat for all learners in your class.
  • Yeah ...thanks Eric ....I definitely received !!! ....So I've now put 100 in everyones Evaluation. Does that automatically issue a badge to their Community Profile ?? As I looked under Badges in the Learning Portal and it's mentioning Create a New Badge which I don't want .......Thanks Ricky. 

  • To get everyone set up with the proper badges you'll need to do two things:

    1. Collect all of the emails of the participants in The Anaplan Way and email them a reminder about setting up a Community account.
    2. Send a list of the emails to community@anaplan.com with a request to have them add the TAW badges to all of their accounts.
  • ...just fired off the e-mail to Community .....so hopefully badges are being lined up 🙂 . Thanks for your help Eric.