Searching for Line Items that contain specific formulas


There are times where you may want to search through all of your line items to see if you are using particular formulas. For example, you may want to look for all usages of [SELECT: ...] before setting up ALM, or look for usages of RANK() to check why you are running up against a limitation on the groups parameter. Unfortunately, Anaplan does not natively let you search the contents of formulas.


In order to work around this limitation, you can export all of your line items and perform the search in a third-party tool (e.g. Excel). Here's how you can do this:


1. Open your model settings and navigate to Modules. On the tabs at the top, select Line Items.


Module Line Items.png


3. Click the Export button.


Module Line Items Export.png


4. Select the desired format (typically Excel) and click "Run Export".


Module Line Items Export 2.png


5. Open the file and search for the formulas in question. 



  • +1 Kudo.  Thanks for this.  I keep forgetting we can export the blueprint to Excel.