Anaplan Connect can import a file without actions available in settings?



If we have a data file that wanted to import into a new created module (with dimensions but without any data imported), is that possible to use Anaplan Connect to import that data?


I understand that since there is no Imports Actions available in Settings, whenever a new module is created. First, I have to manually import the data into that module first, in order to create an Imports Action. Then, I can use the Anaplan Connect to import the data with '-import' argument since the Imports Action for that module created by the first step.


I wonder if there is any other easier way to use Anaplan connect to import/export a file for a module that without having to manually import/export the file for that module first? Or is that possible just create a new action for the Imports/Exports in Settings tab (I could not find anything in the documentation..)


Thanks alot!

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  • Sheethal
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    Anaplan Connect works based on the specific Import/Export listed under Actions. So, it is not possible to use Anaplan Connect without uploading a file manually.


    Also one cannot create the same from Settings.