Exporting Revision Tag details in excel


Hi there,

Just wondering if there is an option of exporting Revision Tag details in Excel or other formats?

I am trying to get all revision tags exported in excel for detailed documentation purposes.



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  • Hi Vishwasc,


    This does not seem to be possible. You can only download the comparison report during the process, but not

    afterwards anymore.


    I created a post in the product request some time ago, because it would be really usefull to have the detailed information saved in Anaplan. Now you really need to download the comparison reports and save them offline.




    Kind regards,

    Eije Wiersema

  • Thanks Eije for your prompt reply. Much appreciated.

  • mccurdym

    If you would like to see this implemented in the future, please go and promote the following idea exchange. 



  • With the proviso that best practice should be to keep revision tags in a separate module, I do have a workaround if you need to copy out the text on the revision tags into a text file of Excel sheet.

    You can't copy the text on the revision tags page from the Revision Tags section of the model.  However, if you click compare, then you get a pop up window where the text can be selected and copied.  This doesn't give you the Created By column or the text from the revision tag which you are using for Compare, but gets you most of the way there.  I use the Description field to give a brief narrative on what the revision tag is about and this has been a useful memory jogger for me.