How to filter modules by custom made user roles?


Contextual explanation: Lot’s of Modules we use in our app are categorized by a List called Workgroup (e.g. modules for Suggestions, Decisions, actions…). Workgroup is a property in those modules. We want to limit what a user gets to see in those modules via user roles. One user role corresponds to with one Workgroup. But what's important to know, is that a user has multiple user roles (so using the standard Role functionality is not a solution), and also one workgroup can have multiple User roles.


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  • JamesH
    Answer ✓

    Using out the box Anaplan funtionality you should be able to basically get the result you want by creating one role per user. Downside is obviously that you could end up with a huge number of role and it will be relatively laborious to maintain. 


    Something to bare in mind here is that one of the upcoming releases we will get the ability to work with the userlist as any other list, and be able to create much more flexible security solutions. This should meet your needs much better than the above suggestion if you can wait.