auto fill in User created in a line item





I have module with a list in the rows and line items in the columns. One line item of this module is called 'User created', the user who created the list item is supposed to be filled in there. I published the module to a dasboard. 


Upon creation of a new list item for this module, is it possible to let fill in the line item 'User created' automatically by the username of the user who created the list item?


Best Answer

  • PaulRitner



    There aren't any functions that can ask "who is the current user"... and, even if there were, the answer would (in theory) change depending on who was looking at the value.  Currently, this type of formulaic cell population isn't possible in Anaplan.  


    However, some use cases allow for population of the list item creator's name based on an attribute.  For example, if there was a parent item that somehow indicated (or mapped to) who owned the items being added, that (parent property) could be fetched and displayed.


    Its possible, although perhaps not worth the work, to create a process that exports the history, searches for certain types of activities (such as items created in a certain list), and then loads the creator's name back into the list... to be displayed.  This would require some IT expertise to put in place.