Process name not updated on Dashboard


I noticed a strange behavior on the dashboards for process buttons. Unlike actions, when one updates a process name, it does not change on the dashboard (assuming the process has been published to one). Any reason why this is the case?



  • Good Question; its minor, but would like to see this fixed also.  Actions must be re-published when the (action) name is changed (to see the changed name).

  • Hi @rahul.phadnis,


    We understand the request and have investigated options to improve this.

    We took this into account when we designed the new UX pages (and the new Action card), you can change the name of an action button on the page at design time.


    We are not planning to change this behaviour in Dashboards.


    Thanks, Simon

    -Anaplan Product Team



  • That was always such a pain! But the new UX is so much more user friendly and much more sustainable. I recommend switching over if you haven't already.
  • Misbah



    Agreed. It is way better than its predecessor. I love the way we have the ability to handle so many things directly on the New UX Pages, another such feature is to Allow Editing from Pages Feature.

  • Agreed with , the NUX offers a better experience with a lot of the latest Anaplan features. You also get more control over the “display names” of the actions.