Conditional Format Based on Max and Min of Displayed Data


Is it possible to set the scale of a conditional format to the Max and Min of the values being displayed.


It is often the case that depending on which end user is reviewing the data the values there in are vastly different and setting a max and min that is unervisal is impossible.


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  • Min/Max on conditional values is hard-coded into the conditional format (rule).  In this sense, you can't have them move, for example, based on a particular user, or a particular slice of data.


    However, we could weight the line item that is driving the conditional formatting ranges, depending on some profile (which could either be attached to a business area, or be something a user can set on the fly... although there are nuances to setting these things on the fly)


    For example, lets say that Department A likes to highlight variances +/- $500, but Department B likes to highlight variances +/- $10,000... We can reference this materiality constraint into a (otherwise hidden) line item driving conditional formatting... and produce different formatting depending on the department.  The materiality threshold might be controlled by the Admin, or some users might have the ability to change it.  Just keep in mind that if users can alter these amounts, it affects all users (for related intersections).