How to create and use a List with Number of weeks to each Fiscal Month in the module ?


I created a list "Months Flat" (Jan--Dec) with Top Level as 'All Months' and added Property - 'Number of Weeks' and assigned values tothe property -- 445445454445.

Then I am in a module, I need to Lookup at the 'Number of Weeks:

For example:  For every April irrespective of Year like Apr16 or 17 or 18, it should show me '4'.

I am not able to Map Fiscal Months with 'Number of Weeks'.

What formula should i be using to pull number of weeks from the list ?? or something else I am missing ???? 



Thank You





th Number of weeks.


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  • Jaakko
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    Hi Rooney,


    The following solution requires that the codes of months flat list are month numbers from 1 to 12.

    - Create an additional line item to the module. Let's call it "Month". Format it with the months flat list.

    - Add formula to the new line item: FINDITEM(Months Flat, TEXT(MONTH(ITEM(Time))))

    - This will find a correct member of the months flat list for each month. Mapping is based on the codes of months flat list.

    - Use the following formula for fetching number of weeks from the list property: Months Flat.Number of Weeks[LOOKUP: Month]