Looking for a source file for my import




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 I have some import actions defined on my list, but I do not know where the source files are located. I would like to have an insight into these files and edit them. Is there any way to track them down? Please help.

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  • daniel_laing

    Hi there,

    Once its uploaded, a source file is stored in the model itself. You can see a preview of the file in the Import Data Sources tab (just select the file you want then click Edit). It's not possible to download the file from here.

    The source file can be downloaded (in segments or "chunks") using the Download Files action in the Anaplan API or via Anaplan Connect.

    Hope that helps!




  • I'm not sure there's a way to find the original path.  However, if you publish the action to a dashboard (in an action button), you can Browse to a location next time you use the button.