Subtotal visible items


Is there a way to add a subtotal item or function? Currently we have a list with 15 members in it under one parent. Most users have read access to one item, others have access to 2 or more, a small number of users have access to all members and the parent.

For users that have access to 2 or more, they can’t see a subtotal of the items they have access to. Is there a way for them to see the sum of their items without granting read only to the parent (and all the sibling items)?



  • Hi, 


    There are probably several options to manage this, but here are two that probably have the lowest overhead/mtc:


    1.  Add additional parents to the current list and grant access at the parent level... this only works if the access is simple.

    2.  If access is complex, then create an alternate hierarchy based on user (or other logical grouping) that includes the required aggregations in a parent list and related children in a child list.  The children list should be a numbered list, so that you can have duplicates.  For example, if Bob needs to see the sum of departments 1 & 2, and Jayne needs to see the sum of departments 2 & 3, then the list will have a Bob parent with depts 1&2 under it, and a Jayne parent that has depts 2 & 3 under it... note how dept 2 might twice in the same list (this is what I mean by complex access requirement).  Then, build a module that is for reporting only and link in the data from the (data input/other) module, as applicable.  Grant access accordingly.



    I'm guessing you've thought about Option 1 already and can't do that for some reason.


    Option 2 is nice because each user will get what they need, and it will probably scale well.


    There are other options that are probably less appealling (for different reasons).