Unable to Check or Uncheck Line Items


Hi, I have crated the module or 201 - training. The Model name is “Intermediate Model Building – Sangeetha G”. It was working fine while I am working on module & dashboard creation. Now I am not able check/Uncheck Hold? & Override? Line items & not able to edit Override column from “Region Goal Set” & “Sub-region Goal Set”. Could someone please help me to fix the issue. Thanks, Sangeetha


  • Hi,


    Could you send a screenshot of the blue print view also please?





  • Looks like there are formulas behind the check-boxes.  

  • Hi, Please find the attached screenshot for blueprint view.

  • No, there are no added for Hold? & Override? fields

  • Hi,


    Do you have selective access (or any security settings) enabled for Regions L2?  If so, then ensure you have Write access for yourself.



  • Hi Paul, I have full access to module role. I checked this in "User" from Setting menu. Please see the screenshot attached. Thanks.
  • If Regions L2 rolls up to Geo L1, then you would have to put a value in the "Write" column of Geo L1 in order to edit in Regions L2 (or put a write value in Regions L2).  The last screenshot indicates READ access for Geo L1.  Cheers!



  • Hi, i have changed the access setting as per your suggestion. Its working fine now.

    Thanks for your help.