Show Total in Module even after applying filters


Hi All,


In one of my moduel having a column "Rebate Payment Amount" which has values, and also we set the show TOTAL on Above for giving total aggregated values as single value, it works only if we didn't apply any filters on the remaining columns in the module.


How to show the 'Total' i.e. sum of all rows for the column in top in the module even after applying filters ?


Need help from you on this.






  • Hi Samarapalli,



    I assume you are using boolean formatted line item to filter those columns. If so open Blueprint for module that has filter line item. Scroll right to get Summary column and change summary type from default None value to Any.


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  • Hi Szymanski, thanks for your response.


    Filtered line item(i.e "Contract Group") is not the boolean type, its a "LIST" format. And also having an "Rebate Payment Amount" line item is "Number" format which i want to see always its "Total" value even if the filters applied to other columns or not.




  • Hi samarapalli,


    the format doesn't really matter: whatever it is, you need to check the "summary" setting of the line item you are filtering on.


    For a list formatted one , if you filter is "is not blank" then you just have to select the summary type "last non blank"

  • I am having the same issue.  I am filtering on a Boolean but even after selecting any in the summary, the total is still not correct.  

  • Going along with this, if I want total orders and FILTER out an industry, such as Industry <> Retail, then my total orders should sum to everything EXCEPT retail and even though with the filter I don't see Retail the total still includes it.  I have tried messing with the summation nothing works.

  • Hi there,


    It's important to realise that when you apply a filter to a module it does not affect the actual calculation of a total.  So for example, if your total level sums together all orders then it will still do that even if the filter is set to only display orders for a particular industry.  Dynamic totalling depending on filters is not something that happens today (although agree would be very useful and definitely worth adding as an enhancement request).


    A very simple way around this which I tend to use now is the quick sum bar.  For example, you change your filter so that it does not show the total anymore (as this could be confusing) but then use the functionality where you can highlight a column and get a total in the quick sum bar at the bottom right of the screen.  This should then enable your users to filter for a particular industry and then get the total of orders by highlighting the column and looking at the quick sum.


    Hope this helps

  • The issue with that is that they want to see the total in a dashboard.  So in order to accomplish this, we have to create another line item for each measure that they want to see excluding out Retail.  THis is a lot of overhead and it shouldn't be necessary.  So you either end up with multiple modules doing the exact same thing just with different exclusions or multiple line items with the exclusions.