Using Filters in Anaplan


Hello everyone! We have certain problems in setting filters in Anaplan to get what we want to see. There is a discrepancy between how the filters are shown and described in Help and looks in live system. The position of the filter value box in live system does not match any of the criteria on the filter tab. If, say, we want to see the time periods starting from January 2013 how should we configure the filter? What input format is valid for the time dimension? Any help is much appreciated!


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    To view time periods starting Jan 13, you could just highlight the months you do not want (the 2012 months in this case) then click the down arrow and hide them.  You can then save this view if it is something you want to view frequently.  The way you have the filter set up in the image is filtering by the value of what looks to be a value, so if put '0' in the input box then it will show all values that are greater than 0.