Can I export a saved view?


Can I export a saved view or will it export everything?

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    Yes, you can export a saved view and it will export just that data in the saved view. Even if the view is not saved, only the data in the current view will be exported.


  • Hi,

    This topic is a bit unclear for me. I did the following test:

    • Create a view and save it
    • Create an export just after based on that view
    • Delete the saved view

    The result is that the export still works as opposed to breaking. My understanding then is that the export is not intrisincally linked to the saved view. That means if something structural in my view definition changes I do need to recreate the export process from scratch. Does that make sense?

  • @paolovm 

    That is correct

    The export definition is saved at the point of the export.

    Should you amend the saved view, you will need to "re-save" the export 


    However, if the saved view was using filters, changes to the filtered rows/columns will will be reflected in the export action without the need to re-create


    Hope that helps


  • aabalos

    Hi David


    My export button does not export based on the filter of the dashboard. Fro ex, if i select the filter to be "Q1-2019" data, it will not export just this data. Can you help?




  • paolovm
    Hi Amanda

    The filter of the dashboard and the filter of the export button are independent. You can change the one of the export button only by recreating the export action and linking the new action to the button/process while removing the old action associated to that process.
  • aabalos
    Wow thats unfortunate. Thanks for the quick response!
  • paolovm
    the way ive been working to sort that requirement s to create a boolean selector for the user to fill in the dashboard which reflects both on the dashboard filter and the export action filter. Hope that helps!
  • aabalos
    Do you mind if you take a screenshot of this functionality so i can see what this looks like? 🙂
  • paolovm

    Step 1. Instead of selecting quarter with the page selector you would use a module such as the below


    Step 2. Create a line item in the module you're exporting which reflects the selections in the module above.

    Step 3. Use that line item as a filter in both the export actions and the view which shows on the dashboard



  • I have a similar situation.


    I am trying to create an export action based on a saved view.

    I have created separate modules in which end users can select which version and sites to export.

    I have created boolean line items in my export module which I use in the filter of my saved view.

    As part of my saved view, I am hiding accounts which I don't want to be part of the export.

    However, when I export the data, I have all versions, all sites, all line items, all periods (including Quarter and Year total), although in my saved view, everything looks good.

    What am I doing wrong?

    (see screenshots for the filters I apply in my saved view)


    Thank you!


  • paolovm

    Hi Louise,


    Just confirming something:

    - when you saved the view and created the action was it already applying the filter or did you add the filter to the saved view after?


    The reason for the question above is because when you create an export from a specific view it only has attachment to that view in the moment of creation.



    - you create view ABC

    - you create an export ZYX from view ABC

    - you add a filter to view ABC


    In the case above the export ZYX wont contain the filter. What you need to do


    - Create an export ZYX_V2 that contains the new version of view ABC

    - Repipe anything linked to the previous export into the new one


    Hope that makes sense.

  • Hi @paolovm ,


    I confirm that I recreated the action after having added the filters.


    In the meantime I have tried again to run my export action and it is giving the result I want when I export as " tabular multiple column" and as "Grid". 

    However, when I select to export as "Tabular Single Column" it is not exporting the correct line items, versions, business areas that I filtered on. Maybe this is due to the setting: include/exclude current line item or all line items conflicting with the filter criteria?


    Anyway, my problem is solved 🙂 


    thank you