How can I return the current date in a line item?


How can I return the current date in a line item i.e. automatically get Anaplan to show the current date in date format so that it updates each day. Many thanks, John.


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    Hi John,
    There is not a function like this currently due to differences in time zones. You can see a discussion on community about this topic:

    I have gotten around this by creating a module called "Today" and having one line item that is date formatted and then I manually select today when I'm reviewing the report. Then my module that needs to look at today's date will just reference the date I select for today's date.

    Will this work for you?


  • I have done something similar, bit of a pain to update every day. Hopefully they will fix it soon. I vote for UTC time and date. At the end of the day being out by potentially one day is a small price to pay for actually having the functionality. Many thanks, John.