Interface to forecasting and optimization capabilities


The ability to do demand forecasting, regression analysis, and optimization are all key value adds that can deliver increased business value to the applications being developed in Anaplan.  While it's possible to revert to math first principles to support some level of each of these, it would elevate the business value if there was integration/interface with third party science engines eg. 'R', or GAMS.  It would be desirable that the algorithms could be invoked directly in anaplan ie without have to export data, run the algorithm, and re-import.



  • Michael,

    We have actually experimented integrating Anaplan with a third party optimization engine using Anaplan Connect and some custom coding for data preparation eg with a bit of effort, some fully automated integrations are doable already now by 3rd parties. As to statistical analysis that is the domain of R, it would be more feasible to gradually natively implement key statistical functions in Anaplan, unless the user wants to perform a longer analysis sequence in R. For optimization, it would be feasible to choose and integrate a capable optimization engine (and modelling language interpreter) to Anaplan so that for an end-user this happens 'natively'.

    Let me know of your specific, immediate requirements at
  • Hi All,

    Could we clarify a few points mentioned here? My question is:

    As of right now, are we able to easily create a regression analysis that will enable us to use a time series historical data and project into the future? Is there are "linear projection" or "polynomial projection" function available in Anaplan? Or anything similar? 

    Or do we need to go through extensive mathematical calculations that use the mathematical principles behind these methods?

    Please let me know - we are looking to use and implement this in a lot of our models.

  • Hi Deniz,

    While a subset of forecasting methods can be done in Anaplan today, it does require that the user have indepth knowledge of the method that she is trying to implement. For example, a linear regression can be done in Anaplan currently, but there is no quick function like R's lm(). However, we are looking to make that type of statistical analysis easier in Anaplan. I am gathering requirements for this area and would love to hear more about what methods you are trying to implement in your models and what you are trying to accomplish. Please reach out -- my email is

    Thank you,
  • Good Day Yvonne

    I would just like an update to the progress made on integration of 3rd Party Scientific Libraries, 3rd Party computational engines as well as Anaplan's build in statistical capabilities?