Maintain/Adjust number formatting



While using the add-in and refreshing a view, is there any way to maintain number formats through the refresh? 


I currently have a number of views that show varying cuts of an Income Statement. Included in this are rows for Revenue, Costs, as well as GM percentages and OpEx Cost to Revenue Percentages.


When I originally pull the data, it comes across with two decimal places for all numbers. I can adjust these numbers which can be tedious when there are 30+ lines, but if I refresh with the default settings on, the decimal places come back. If I de-select the "Apply Anaplan Formatting" option, the numbers come over as raw values and take the format of the cells they go in to.


Is there a way to define the "Anaplan Formatting" on a line item basis so that users who pull one of these views do not see multiple decimal places by default?