Import error when list name is same as parent name



I am trying to import the data to my list for which i am getting an error as "New property combination found but name or code already exists" when list name is same as parent name. Ex: B is a parent of another list with same name. Do i need to manually add list in these situations or is there any solution for this.

And also please tell me, how to add code when you insert single list manually.



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  • Jaakko
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    A list can have only one list as parent hierarchy but that parent list can have its own parent list (and so on). This way you would build a level-based hierarchy (composite hierarchy). Another option is to have all members in one list only. In my opinion composite hierarchies are more usable but with hierarchy in one list you have benefits such as unbalanced hierarchies. These can also be combined (for example parent/child relationships in parent hierarchy list but separate list for leaf level). Your case definitely sounds like composite hierarchy with 4 separate lists.


  • Hi,

    If you add a list member manually, the code can be added in the grid view. Code can also be changed later in grid view.


    You can have items with same names in hierarchy and parent hierarchy but you have to update the names in separate import action. For example update the hierarchy first by using unique item codes also as names and in a separate action update real names to items and in this action do not map the parent field.





  • Hi Jaakko, Thanks for your reply. Its very useful for me. I will try as per your below suggestion.

    I have one more question, is it possible to have multiple parent hierarchy to one list. Example: for Account, i need to link it to Division, Sub-Division, Cost Centre and last comes Account

    In this case, do i need to create 4 seperate lists (Division, Sub-Division, Cost Centre & Account) or can i create one list (Account) with mutlple hierarchy.


    Please let me know.