Save Dashboard without being in Edit mode first




Since the new release, I have noticed that if I forget to click 'Edit' on a Dashboard before making any changes to Sorts, Filters, etc. there is no way for me to save the edits I made. I have to then go into Edit mode and re-make those edits and then I am able to save.


Not sure if I am missing something, or if it will just take some time to adjust to the new workflow. It would be great if you make edits to a Dashboard and if you then enter Edit mode it would keep the edits you had previously made and be able to save them.






  • I see the same behavior.  I agree with your recommendation.

  • I see the same "issue" and I agree with your recommendation.

  • We have the same problem. This issue keeps on annoying us on a daily basis...

  • Hi Brendan,


    I recently learned that this is done for the purpose of accommodating the new feature of User Personal Saved Dashboards View. Basically, if any change is made before going into edit mode, it will be considered as Personal Saved View & if change is made in Dashboard Designer & saved (accessible only by Admins) then its a permanent change in the dashboard . 



    Sheethal N

  • Hi Sheethal


    Thanks for passing along the information. That makes sense. Since the original posting I have been able to change my habits and now always press Edit.