DocuSign Integration


This course includes an overview of the DocuSign Integration functionality, what is needed to use the integration on a project, and a flow chart that walks through the process. It includes links to Anapedia for details on the steps in the process. 


Note that this course was developed with a web-based tool. Instead of clicking next, you’ll scroll down through the content. It has been divided into lesson and you can access the lessons in any order after you start the course.



Overview  (10 minutes, includes a video)

Using the DocuSign Integration on a Project  (1 - 3 minutes)

Process Overview (2 - 3 minutes)

1. Determine Data Requirements (1 minute)

2. Create Template and 3. Create Module (2 - 5 minutes)

4. Create Envelope (2 - 5 minutes)

5. Create Workflow (2 - 5 minutes)

6. Preview and Send Envelope (1 - 4 minutes)

7. Track the Envelope Status (1 - 6 minutes)


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