Import 2 number list with identic Parent and Code



In Model 1:

 I have 2 Number List:


                Sold to, with parent Payer

Every line in organization, also exist in Sold to list.

As example:

                Name:                  Parent:                 Code:

                Aushan               _______               12                           - Payer

                Aushan                 Aushan                 12                           - Sold to

                Aushan                 Aushan                 15                           - Sold to

In Model 2:

I have 2 Number List, as well:


                Sold to, with parent Payer

I copy lists from Model1 to Model 2 by using view in Model 1. I use only codes for Parent and for Code. After 2 Imports for every list is completed, I see next situation:

                Name:                  Parent:                 Code:

                Aushan               _______              12                           - Payer

                Aushan                 Aushan                 15                           - Sold to

So I don't have Aushan Aushan 12 in sold to number list.

I changed the import from Code in "Items uniquely identified by" to "Choose properties below to build the unique identifier for the imported items" with Parents and Text field "Item Name" in it.

Then I see:    

                Name:                  Parent:                 Code:

                Aushan               _______              12                           - Payer

                Aushan                 Aushan                 15                           - Sold to

                …                           …                         …

                Aushan                 _______              12                           - Sold to

So I have "Sold to" Items without a parent in it. Anaplan doesn’t copy lines with identic code for Parent and Code.

And gives error as 

Is it Bug, or I do something wrong?

Best Answer

  • Hi,


    I've seen this issue a number of times!


    There are a couple of things happening:

    • When cloning/copying list items from one model to another, move one level at a time into the respective list that they belong in.  Each level copied should exclude (by filter) the parent items... so they aren't added to the child list erroneously.
    •  Where a parent list uses the same/overlapping codes as a child, I generally seek to architect in a way that avoids this (if possible).  Having some kind of code with numbered lists is helpful for a lot of reasons.  In these cases, consider the frequency of updating in relation to the importance of the code value.  For example, if you have a need to update the list frequently using an automated process, then generate a code value that you know will never conflict (perhaps by adding a prefix to it).  If the updates are infrequent & the code value needs to be kept very simple, then resolve kickouts manually.

    I see the issue of child list codes conflicting with parent list codes during bulk loads as a bug.


    Good luck!