Unable to copy and paste value for line item with list subset type



I have a list and subset of it.
I create a module, add line item, set its type to the subset list
I notice that i can't copy and paste the value of that line item from one row to another, it can't be done by import action too, but if select it manually, then it is fine.
Is it a known limitation for list subset? or is there any other posibillity that might cause the error?


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  • PaulRitner



    I was able to verify that for subsets based on numbered lists, copy & paste doesn't work (ctl-c, ctl-v) when the line item is formatted to the (list) subset.  This isn't the case on non-numbered lists... copy/paste works as expected.  This is a bug.


    I didnt' try it, but you might try importing the numbered list item number (i.e. NAME) or CODE (if available).






  • Hi


    I'm getting this same error and importing doesn't work as a workaround.  Is the bug likely to be fixed at some point?  I couldn't see it on the known issues list.




  • I'm facing the same issue. I have a numbered list which has a subset, and I have a line item.

    Weird thing is, if the line item type is the subset, I cannot import the value by name(display property). I must import by code.

    If the line item is that numbered list itself, then I can import by both name and code.

    This is impacting our user experience. Please fix it.

  • We have the same issue here.

    When we refresh the table and try to copy and paste the issue is apparent.

    However, once you copy and paste again for the 2nd time it somehow works.

    This is definitely a bug which needs to be fixed ASAP.