Map Chart Formatting Pointing to the Wrong State (USA)




While trying to use the Map Chart to display Sales in Dollars by state, I noticed that the formatting and tooltip used in the chart is pointing to the incorrect state. For Example: In the picture provided, on the Map Chart, Colorado is being formatted and displaying sales based off of California data. From what I can tell, none of the states are being formatted correctly or displaying their respective data.


I downloaded the states and codes provided by Anaplan and have used Map Charts in the past and have had no issues. Has anyone else seen this issue or have a fix for it?



Dan Fleming




  • When creating the map chart, be sure to only select the conditionally formatted line item you want to display (do not include/highlight the state dimension). Clicking on the "select all' cell in the upper left hand corner (which highlights the entire grid including all dimensions) prior to creating the map chart was the cause of this offest issue.