Salesforce Helpdesk Transition - Frequently Asked Questions


Anaplan will be transitioning our helpdesk to Salesforce Service Cloud.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

Anaplan is implementing Salesforce Service Cloud within our Customer Care department. Other areas of Anaplan have been using Salesforce for years, and this shift will allow more transparency across our organization to better serve you, our valued customers and partners.

Why is this change happening?

This change will allow Anaplan to provide a more seamless experience to you, our customer. As Anaplan grows, we will be able to leverage these underlying changes to enhance our service and support.

What is the new chat channel?

Getting assistance from an Anaplan Support Analyst will be easier than ever and only a click away. Anaplan is implementing live chat that our customers will be able to access directly via the help menu in the Anaplan platform or from our Support Portal.

How does this change impact our customers?

The actual process customers use to contact support is not changing in any way. This change will allow our Anaplan Analysts to have additional details at their fingertips, resulting in a more efficient and higher quality experience for our customers.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Salesforce is cloud-based applications for sales, service, and more. It will allow Anaplan to have a complete view of our customer's journey as we already use the tool extensively throughout the rest of our organization.

What happens with my data?

This change does not impact your data within the Anaplan platform. This change is solely in regards to our support platform which is transitioning from Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud. All data that currently resides in Zendesk will be migrated to Salesforce.

Questions, comments, concerns?

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  • I have about 50 tickets opened or on hold. Today I've received 5 notifications saying that my old ticket numbers are changed to some other. Will I received 45 more messages like this or could you somehow spare me these details.Capture.PNG

  • Hello @Kavadera,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You will not receive any further emails regarding your open cases at this time. Again, thank you for the feedback!


  • Hi,

    Glad to see some enhancements from this point of view as I'm not sure I ever managed to receive added value/prompt support on the few occasions I raised tickets.

    I raised one 22 days ago and didn't receive any updates (although I chased this up on several occasions). Does it mean the move to Salesforce will provide visibility on open tickets, updates, progress, who is working on what, escalation points and more importantly SLAs ?

    Coming from an Oracle background I tend to compare things accordingly and from a support point of view I'd say there's quite a lot of areas that Anaplan could certainly take inspiration from.

    I had a look at the FAQs and the email I received but I'm still unsure on how this is supposed to work ? Where do I login, what should I expect to see, etc ?



  • Hi Anaplan78,


    The visibility to open tickets and other support acttivity you're discussing is launching soon. Please see for more detail. 



  • Thanks @DerekKrueger, so my understanding is that some of the revamping of the Anaplan community has already taken place while the "Support" tile (Customer Support Portal) allowing customers to open/track/update support tickets is being delivered this weekend.


    Coming from a Cognos Tm1 and Oracle Hyperion background I felt straight away there was a "gap" to fill in that area. Oracle in particular has a very strong proposition with their MyOracleSupport and I'm very keen/curious to test/see/compare the new functionality.


     PS> I've got a few enhancement requests to submit but since the last changes I could no longer easily find the right forum, which I think it's this one :


    It appears to be locked. Am I right in saying this is very much related to Salesforce and that we might find that sort of functionality within the new portal ?





  • Hi @Alessio_Pagliano


    Regarding enhancement requests, As of February 24, the Request for Enhancements (RFEs) forum board on Community was deactivated. The decision was made to encourage customers and partners to follow a single process for Requests for Enhancements by submitting a ticket to Anaplan Support ( All of the existing requests have been achieved for review and consideration by our Product team.


    In addition, this decision allows our Community and Product teams to begin work on a new Request for Enhancement process. This new process will provide transparency to on nearly all requests made, provide an opportunity to have their voice heard (add your support to an idea), and follow requests through our product development process. We don’t yet have a firm launch date, but the new RFE process should launch in the next few months.




  • Hello! This is such a useful change!

    @DerekKrueger wrote:

    Hi Anaplan78,


    The visibility to open tickets and other support acttivity you're discussing is launching soon. Please see for more detail.