Hi all,

I have a numbered list where I imported data from staffcosts. My model contains this hierarchy: Staff, parent is Costcenter, parent is Financial controller. Because people are moving from one costcenter to another the staff's parent is updated monthly. But when I go to the forecast module I only want to see the salarycosts that belongs to the current parent.

Is there a way to make a certain matrixmodule wich applies to Staff (list) and Time and then presents the costcenter of this combination as imported in the numbered list I mentioned before?








  • Hi,


    Staffing plans like this should use start/end dating at the employee level.  Rather than update the parent (effectively moving an employee from one cost center to another), End Date the employee in the old cost center and Add & start date the employee in the new cost center.  


    Start/End dates (collectively referred to as Effective Dating) are handy for other use cases as well.  For example, you can end date an employee at some point in the future to recognize the employee's future departure from a cost center (i.e. to reflect retirements, planned staffing turnover, downsizing, transfer to another cost center, etc).  Likewise, you can start date an employee in the future to indicate when the employee is starting in a cost center (i.e. an employee transfer in, or new hire).  


    The effective dates are tied to the related monthly headcount & compensation calculations.   


    Hope this helps!



  • Hi Albert


    Keep the display name of the numbered list as concantenation of Staff and Time, then have properties to derive time and staff int he list.


    Then load the data into that numbered list and then use sum function in the result module to get the number accordingly.