Eliminating the Scroll Bar on a Dashboard Table


Our users enter their forecast on a table within the dashboard.  However, despite the fact that I increase the height and width to the maximum, there are times when the scroll bar still appears on the right hand side.  It hides the last few lines if your not looking for them and it's just plain annoying,  In order to get rid of the scroll bar I tell the users to X out of the dashboard and then reenter.  Doing that causes the scroll bar to go away but i hate having to tell them that all the time.  The scroll bar seems to appear most often when a user is flipping through the different units on their drop down menu.  I attached a word document with a picture showing this.


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    Hi David,

    Can you try increasing the height and width and then go to "Rearrange Dashboard" and resize the module within the dashboard? Let me know if that elminates the scroll bar. Thanks!