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Today I did an import from Salesforce into Anaplan. I ran into a problem with the Opportunity IDs. I use the Salesforce Opportunity IDs as Code for my list. However, I have duplicates because Salesforce uses case-sensitive IDs, while Anaplan codes are not case sensitive. I know that there is an option to convert Salesforce 15 characters IDs into 18 characters case Insensitive IDs. I just wanted to know if other people in the community ran into the same issue and what are your best practice advises? Did anyone use the 18 char ID version? Is it then more difficult to refer back to Salesforce for a quick check (I mean do you have to go through some extra steps in Salesforce to display 18 char IDs every time you want to refer back the source for a quick check)? I am not using a connector. It goes:


Salesforce Report ---> Flat File ---> Anaplan


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  • ChrisWeiss

    Hi Ari,


    A few quick notes on your approach.  You're correct that you can't use Salesforce 15-character IDs as an Anaplan Code due to the case-sensitive nature in Salesforce.  The 18-character ID would work in general, and that's what we typically recommend being used as the Anaplan Code in the Data Hub if populated through an automated integration. 


    However, in your case it is challenging to get the Salesforce 18-character ID in a standard report.  You can technically do this by creating a new custom field in Salesforce to retrieve the 18-character ID and then display that field in your report, but as far as I know this isn't possible without additional system configuration in Salesforce.  In your case (and in general as a best practice) we recommend using an existing External ID or auto-generated number field that acts as a unique identifier across systems, and usually acts as an easier identifier for business users validating data from the front end across both systems.


    Hope that helps!


    -Chris Weiss


  • Hi,


    I'm looping in @ChrisWeiss.  We worked on a project where we used the longer string for the same reason (pretty sure!).  I believe that same string was used in the integration (back to SFDC), and that SFDC will accept either one.  Chris Weiss:  please confirm or correct 🙂



  • Ari

    Hi Chris,


    Your answer makes a lot of sense. Actually, now I realize that I can keep my original Salesforce IDs in the data or even use them as display name, so referring back to Salesforce will be OK for users. I just need to give up on using it as the code. I will have to generate different codes in my report and use these ones unless my colleagues can fix the 18char in Salesforce to be printed in the report.


    Thanks a lot, much appreciated!





  • Hey Ari,

    Firstly you need to know that Salesforce Uses CaseSensitive Id. Those Case Sensitive Id also should have 18 characters ID. Here you previously used 15 character ID so that you got a problem. you are going in a right way converting into 18 character ID. If you still face any issue you can get resolved at Salesforce Service Cloud.