Data Integration


Data Integration can be a large and complex topic. These lessons will help you get on the road to understanding your integration options. 

Note: These courses are also part of the Level 3 Model Builder Training available on the Learning Center ( They are provided here as informational only. If you need completion tracked, you must take the Lesson in the Learning Center!


Lesson 1: Data Integration Overview and Process


Data integration is a critical consideration when designing and building models in Anaplan. Serious contemplation must be given to how data is going to come in and out of the Anaplan ecosystem. This lesson provides:

  • An explanation of Data Integration
  • An Overview of the Data Integration process


Lesson 2: The Anaplan Integration API


Every data integration option uses Anaplan’s Application Programming Interface, or API. No matter which option is chosen from Anaplan Connect, HyperConnect, or custom built connectors, API is leveraged. This lesson includes:

  • What is API
  • What is REST protocol
  • What can be done with API
  • An API Workflow overview


Lesson 3: Data integration Options

SA01L3 cover.png

There are multiple options for integrating data into Anaplan. You can use the Anaplan UX, also known as Launchpad, Anaplan Connect, HyperConnect, or Application Programming Interface (API). You can also use Anaplan Connectors for Integration Platform as a Service, or iPaaS. There are even third-party solutions such as Informatica Cloud, SnapLogic, Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, Docusign, Workiva, and Tableau. This lesson reviews the different options available.


Lesson 4: Choosing a Data integration Option


There are several options for integrating data with Anaplan: Manual integration, Anaplan APIs, Anaplan Connect, HyperConnect, and Anaplan iPaaS connectors. Once you understand the available options, the next question becomes how do you choose the right one? This lesson will look at the questions you need to ask yourself, and your customer to help choose the right option.


Lesson 5: Authentication Methods

SA01L5 Cover.png

Security is always a concern when working with data connections. When using tools like Anaplan Connect, Informatica Cloud, or various ETL or iPaaS connectors, there needs to be an authentication protocol that lets the system know the data is coming from a verified and trusted source. This lesson reviews:

  • Identifying the different authentication methods
  • Deciding which method is best in a given scenario
  • Locating more resources and training on the different authentication methods


  • Hi Team,


    This concern is related to the "Anaplan Connector for Informatica Cloud" which says that  File based mapping/integration is going to be eliminated starting early next year. (refer this link:


    The link above answers questions regarding the steps to be followed to be done from the Anaplan Informatica conenctor's end. BUT, what's still a mystery for us is, what has to be done with the existing Anaplan actions using 'File' as a source? Also, if we were to create a new import action in future which would bring data from another application (say Salesforce) (from a file) via informatia cloud then WHAT SHOULD BE THE SOURCE OF THE IMPORT ACTION?