Post a list total to a list member

I have a list total ( with several individual members) that i want to post/copy to one list member of another list in my module. standard sum nor lookup nor select do the job.
Business context : the list where i want to copy from is a list of opportunity sales ( and can vary in time). The sume of these opps is a requirement which i want on my requirements list as one entry. I understand there are workaround with line items in modules but that does not provide the benefit of having it in the requirememts list. Indeed , if i can get all the requirements in one list. I can get them as one dimension on a pivot whichbis what i want.
Clear enough?



  • While thinking further aboit it, i guess the solution is a parent list. Indeed if the opportunities list can be rolled up in the total and use that total in the requirements list, that should do the job.