how to apply top 10 filter


We have list that has around 4000 clients. In the module we have uploaded Revenue of the clients. We have sorted out the list in descending order based on Revenue. Now we need to apply filter to show only top 10 clients. I tried using filter option. I couldnt get the data.

Can someone suggest please.




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  • jerrywu
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    One way to approach this is to add a line item and call it something like "Rank."   I'm assuming you already have a line item that houses your numbers like "Revenue."   The formula for the Rank line item would be:  RANK(Revenue, DESCENDING, SEQUENTIAL).   Next, do a sort based on the rank to get them in numerical order.   Finally, click on filter and add a filter on Rank "is less than or equal" to 10.   You can hide the Rank column or save your view however you want it to look.   Hope this helps!