App for daily production planning


Hi, is there somewhere an app where i can see daily (production) planning at work. I need some entry dashboard with days ( as part of the time dimension ) and would like to see a good practice example instead of building it myself. Or screen shots of a model you have access to will do to ( blueprint and grid views , please ) . thanks. 



  • SiOP app has days and weeks as lists. Does anybody know why they created seperate lists for days and weeks an not use the standard time dimension ?

  • Regarding your question about using separate lists for weeks and days (i.e. custom time), I have some thoughts. I haven't seen the app you are referring to but we use custom time in one of our models.


    Custom time has some benefits over standard time. I think the primary benefit of custom time over standard time is the use of subsets which can reduce the amount of space if not modules to use the same range of time (this is why we use it). You can also do some different things with synchronizing selections.


    If you use a custom time list, keep in mind that it won't roll forward in time when you update the model date. You'll have to update the custom time lists separately (or create a process to do so). Also, you lose the ability to use many of the functions that can be used with standard time (i.e. lag, lead, etc...).